Sound & Motion class 1

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Intro to class

Manual vs auto controls

Some controls:

See it correctly – the diopter in the viewfinder

AE (ND filter), AF

White balance

Focus (zoom in first) Precaution – light sensitivity

Mounting it on the tripod and using the tripod

Camerawork – make it intentional

Shots can ask – and answer - questions

egs. Arroseur arose (DVD), Wm. Wegman's dogs

In class exercise:

In groups of 3 or 4, go out in to the park/on the street and shoot:

1. A “locked down” shot in which an interesting action occurs (enters, happens, leaves the frame)

2. A pan with a starting and ending point that are logically related.

3. A zoom that begins wide and ends on a salient detail, or begins on a details and widens out to show an interesting relationship between detail and context.

4. A rack focus which brings to your attention a relationship between foreground (FG) and background (BG)

Reading: Bordwell & Thompson, Film Form