Simpsons Project

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Simpsons Project

The Simpsons Theme Song has been chopped into 13 parts. Your job is to reassemble and edit all 13 parts back together to recreate the Simpsons Theme Song. The audio files are located on our server @ \\\classfolders\MTD2\simpsons. You cannot acces this share outside of the college so you'll need to copy the files to your z: drive if you want to access them off campus.

For this project we are taking your artistic license away. You should not play DJ super fresh MC down guy and start to remix or add sweet bass lines to the simpsons theme. The theme song should be reassembled perfectly (there are some simpsons samples added to the broken pieces and those should stay in I mean really how hard is it to find the simpsons theme song on google I had to do something to try to keep you honest).

Audio Editing skills Demonstrated

  • Opening and Saving Files
  • Basic Navigation and Zooming
  • Using Play
  • Markers
  • Copy,Paste,Delete

There is an extensive tutorial below
Simple Editing Tutorial for Simpsons Project