Motion Capture 1

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Course Description: This course introduces students to the concepts and techniques of motion capture for 3D animation. Students learn to evaluate motion capture data and properly apply it to existing characters skeletons, with a specific eye toward optimizing animation and adapting it for variations in skeleton dimensions. Students will also learn the fundamentals of motion capture technology, specifically how to set up and calibrate a motion capture rig and how to acquire original motion data.

Course Rationale: With next-generation console development increasing the demand for greater numbers of custom animation, as well as more complex animations, it is imperative that the modeling and animation student understand the process of motion capture, which the game industry is relying on more and more. Motion capture is a highly technical area, but it is also one that requires a trained aesthetic focused on the direction of motion capture actors, the massaging and adaptation of motion capture data, and the finessing of the final animation result. This course fulfills one of the required courses in the Game Major’s Game Art concentration.


Help you prepare for work in the field of motion capture by providing hands on experience with a motion capture system. Help you edit motion capture data. Help you apply motion capture data to a pre-existing 3D model.


• Understand motion capture data.

• Clean up abnormalities and errors in motion capture data.

• Apply and finesse motion capture data to a pre-existing character model to create a final animation.

• Export to a game engine and evaluate the animations’ appearance and performance in that environment.

• Understand the technical requirements of a motion capture system and its calibration.

• Understand the requirements and techniques for directing motion capture actors.

• Understand the technical process of motion capture data acquisition.