Media Theory and Design 2 Syllabus

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Media Theory and Design 2 – Sound and Motion
Department of Interactive Arts and Media

Main Office Contact Number 312.344.7750

Main Office Address

Office ste. 600,
624 S. Michigan Ave (Torco Bldg.)

Instructors contact info:

Jeff Meyers
312.344.7750 (office)

Wade Roberts
312.344.7267 (office)

Annette Barbier
312.344.8684 (office)

Class Website:

Office Hours:
Jeff By Appointment (I'm here from 9-5 Monday-Friday)
Wade Tuesday 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Thursday 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., others by appointment
Annette T. 2-5, Th. 3:30 - 5

Sections Spring 2007

36-2000-01   RobertsS  	M 9:00a-11:50a
36-2000-03   RobertsS 	T 12:30p-3:20p
36-2000-05   MeyersJ 	R 3:30p-6:20p
36-2000-06   BarbierA 	R 12:30p-3:20p


Course furthers practical understanding of media theory by applying it to media design and production. Building on the static composition analysis in Media Theory and Design I, this course focuses on time-based or "dynamic" media, incorporating text, moving image, and sound. Prerequisites: Media Theory and Design I

Course Objectives

Media Theory and Design 2 Course Objectives

  • Strengthen abilities to critically analyze and problem solve in media design
  • Use current time-based media technologies (video, audio, animation, etc.) at an introductory level
  • Make informed critical and technical decisions about media elements in a project
  • Apply formal design theory learned in Digital Image Development and time-based media theory learned in Media Theory and Design 1 to communicate meaning and accomplish goals
  • Practically apply production methodologies
  • Demonstrate individual styles/interest

Required Texts

Sound Design for Interactive Media by Joseph Cancellaro, PhD, (ISBN:1-4018-8102-5)

for Annette section (Th.): Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, by Scott McCloud, available at

Assignments and Projects

  • Simpsons Edit
  • Sound Sculpture
  • Animation Story Boards
  • Rendering and Audio in Premiere
  • Animation Objects in Flash
  • 30-45 Second Animation (FINAL)

All assigned readings in the syllabus are from the required texts unless otherwise noted

Required supplies: Notebook, CDs or DVDs for archiving, web access, IAM Website!!


Attendance and participation in class are required and expected. Three unexcused absences will result in a failing grade for the class.

Two late arrivals equal one absence. You are expected to be in class on time, attendance is taken at the beginning of class. Two absences (even excused absences) may result in a failing grade. Three absences and you FAIL- NO EXCEPTIONS. If an absence cannot be avoided, it must be discussed with your instructor ahead of time. Medical and other emergency leave of absences follow a different policy. Please contact your instructor if such a situation arises.

Departmental Archival Policy

On the final day of class you must submit all work and documentation (including proposals) on 3 DVDs. You will not pass the course without fulfilling this requirement. The DVD will not be returned – create a backup copy for your files.

Class Website Policy

As part of this class you will be expected to create an maintain a class portfolio website. This website should showcase all of your in class and homework assignments. It is your responsibility to maintain links to all of these projects. These links will be used for grading the projects and a missing link will be considered the same as a missing assignment.

Grading Policy

Final grades are based upon:

Abrev Assignment Points
Web Build Class Website 5
Simp Simpsons Project 5
ss Sound Sculpture 5
sb1 MTD2 Story Boards 1 initial version 5
sb2 StoryBoard 2 version 2 scanned 5
Ef1 Effects Presentaion 5
sb3 Story Boards 3 initial rough render 5
sb4 Story Boards 4 version 2 render 5
an1 Animation 1 flash animations test 5
sb5 Story Boards 5 flash story boards 5
Final Final Project 20
q1 Quiz 1 Sound Properties 20
q2 Quiz 2 20
q3 Quiz 3 20
q4 Quiz 4 20
part participation 20 (15 attendance)
qmu Make up quiz (20)

Late assignments will lose at least 1 point per week.

It is expected that students will turn in their own work and maintain honest academic practices. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade. Assignments and projects turned in after the date due will be marked down one letter grade for each day late.


A MINIMUM grade of ‘C’ is required in order for this course to count toward your major in Interactive Arts and Media. If you do not complete the course with a ‘C’ or better, you will be required to re-enroll in the course until you reach this benchmark. Be advised that if this course is a prerequisite for other courses, that the failure to achieve a grade of ‘C’ or better WILL impede the progress of your studies.

Grading Guideline

 90-93 A-
       above average and outstanding work, no more than one absence, 
       active participation in class and excellent scores
       on exams and projects 
 87-89 B+
 84-86 B
 80-83 B-
       above average work, no more than two absences, and active 
       participation in class and above average scores on exams and projects
 77-79 C+
 74-76 C
 70-73 C-
       average work, no more than two absences, and/or average scores
       on exams and projects
 69-60 D
       below average work, no more than two absences, and/or below
       average scores on exams and projects
 59 and below F
       anything below and including 59% - failure to turn in assignments, three
       or more absences, and/or failing grades on exams and projects
       can lead to an F


Course Site is on Oasis and This syllabus is subject to change.

Week by Week Break Down

Class 1
Class Overview Media that Move

  • Homework
    • WebSite

Class 2
Basic Audio Editing

  • Homework
    • Simpsons
    • Read Sound Design for Interactive Multimedia chapter 1 pg 3 - 31
    • Sound Forge Manual

Properties of Sound - Acoustics

  • Homework
    • Sounds Sculprure
    • Review For Quiz

Class 4
Project Discussions
Animation Story Boards

  • Homework
    • Story Borads Draft 1
    • Read Chapter 6 in Sound Design for Interactive Media

Class 5
Rhythm in Montage

  • Homework
    • Scan, color correct, and crop boards

Class 6
Clips/Scenes Audio Equipment Scanners

  • Homework

Class 7

  • Homework
    • Sound Effects Presentation

Class 8
Digitization and Compression

  • Homework
    • Story Boards Rough Edit 1

Class 9
Digitization and Compression 2

  • Homework
    • Story Boards Rough Edit 1

Class 10
Formats and frames & Intro to Flash
Quiz 3

  • Homework
    • Animation Examples

Class 11
Digitizing Video & Motion, Tweening and Key Framing

  • Homework
    • On Scene Animated in Flash

Class 12
Compression 1

  • Homework
    • Import Export Cycle

Class 13
Video Compression
Quiz 4

  • Homework
    • Final Version 1

Class 14
Memento Final crit

  • Homework
    • Final

Class 15
Final Presentations

  • Homework

This syllabus subject to change