MTD2 class 4

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In class

  • Quiz1 - Properties of sound
  • Review Sound Sculpture
  • Critique guidelines Critique Guidelines
  • Look at multi track editors - levels and panning
  • In Class Video
  • Discuss Animation Process
  • Discuss types of Sound Effects
  • Discuss Storyboarding

Multi-Track Mixing

Acid and multi track mixing

  • Acid channel modes demo
  • Working with more than one track
  • Panning and Levels
  • Music Looping in sound forge


Short demo of Sound Sculpture in Audacity

Layers of Sound

There are usually three layers of sound for video/animation/interaction.

  • Dialog: ADR and Sound from shoot
  • Sound Effects
  • Music

Types of sound effects

diegetic On-Screen

All sound that are acknowledged on screen. This includes speaking parts and all on screen noise sources.

diegetic Off-Screen

Passive off screen sounds the create environment and space. Background city sounds, Active Off-screen diegetic sounds cause curiosity and reaction ie. characters may react to a doorbell or alarm.

Nondiegetic Sounds

All sound not heard by character. Music and voice over.


Write some stuff about storyboarding here!!!

Storyboarding was started by Walt Disney and other animators in the 1930's as a way of conceptualizing the flow of a story.

The story board serves three purposes

  1. capture decisions about the flow of a movie
  2. servers as a means to communicate these decisions to various parties involved in pre-production
  3. a set of instructions to production crew such a director, camera men, animators
  1. Conceptualize story
  2. Plan your scenes
  3. Quickly sketch out your shots
  4. Analyze you shots
some shot lingo
Mise - en - scene
Rule of Thirds
[Positive and Negative Space]

Remember to to think about the background of your shots. A string separation of foreground and background will make the animation process muck easier.

Sometimes film directors will actually animate the story board to make steps two and three even more concrete

  • Show Short Indiana Jones Video

In our storyboards we will focus on audio. Since we will be creating the audio for our animations first

Storyboard Examples

  • Show Tim Burton Corpse Bride Video


  • Make draft story boards. MTD2 Story Boards 1
  • Read Chapter 6 in Sound Design for Interactive Media