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Media Theory and Design I

MTD1 Week 1 How We See Physiology of Seeing

MTD1 Week 2 How We See, continued Psychology of Seeing

MTD1 Week 3 What We See Semiotics, Icons, Metaphors

MTD1 Week 4 Discussing What We See Visual Analysis and Critique

MTD1 Week 5 The Context of What We See Art History

MTD1 Week 6 The Context of What We See, continued Cultural and Social Theory

MTD1 Week 7 Perspectives on What We See Critical Theory

MTD1 Week 8 Making Meaning Concepts in Photography

MTD1 Week 9 Making Meaning, continued Concepts in Photography, continued

MTD1 Week 10 Telling Stories Narrative Conventions and Forms

MTD1 Week 11 The Technology of Making Meaning Technology History, Mediation, Convergence

MTD1 Week 12 Why We See What We See Race, Class, Gender, Difference

MTD1 Week 13 The Responsibilities of Making Meaning The Social Role of the Creator and the Created

MTD1 Week 14 Considering Time Moving from the Static to the Dynamic

MTD1 Week 15 Conclusion