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Game Services

Review Game Components


Turn the console class into a service

Each GameService needs to have a unique interface so that there is an entry in the system types table. The interface allows the game to return the correct type.

  • GameConsole.cs

All of these files are available in the IntoGameLibrary Project in the classfolders.

Input Controller Mongame

from project IntroPacManMovementController file PacManController.cs!/#GPMonogame3/view/head/trunk/jeff/IntroPacManMovementController/PacManController.cs

InputHandler input; //game service to handle input
public Vector2 Direction {get; private set;}

public PacManController(Game game)
            //get input handler from game services
            input = (InputHandler)game.Services.GetService<IInputHandler>();
            if (input == null)
                throw new Exception("PacMan controller depends on InputHandler service please add Input Handler as a service first");

public void Update() //update accesses InputHandler
            //Input for update from analog stick
            GamePadState gamePad1State = input.GamePads[0]; //HACK hard coded player index
            #region LeftStick
            Vector2 pacStickDir = Vector2.Zero;
            if (gamePad1State.ThumbSticks.Left.Length() > 0.0f)
                pacStickDir = gamePad1State.ThumbSticks.Left;
                pacStickDir.Y *= -1;      //Invert Y Axis

The MonoGamePacMan game component then uses the controller!/#GPMonogame3/view/head/trunk/jeff/IntroPacManMovementController/MonoGamePacMan.cs

internal PacManController controller { get; private set; }
public MonoGamePacMan(Game game)
            : base(game)
            this.controller = new PacManController(game);
public override void Update(GameTime gameTime)
            //Elapsed time since last update
            float time = (float)gameTime.ElapsedGameTime.TotalMilliseconds;

            this.Location += ((this.controller.Direction * (time / 1000)) * Speed);      //Simple Move 
            this.Rotate = this.controller.Rotate;

Input Controller Unity

PlayerController from!/#GPMonogame3/view/head/trunk/jeffUnity/UnityGameDemos/Assets/Scripts/PacMan/PlayerController.cs

public Vector2 direction = new Vector2();
    private Vector2 keyDirection;
    private Vector2 padDirection;
void Update () {


private void HandleGamepad()
        padDirection.x = padDirection.y = 0;
        //and keyboard unity already sums them together
        padDirection.x = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
        padDirection.y = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");

        if (padDirection.magnitude > 0)
            //Debug.Log(padDirection + " " + padDirection.magnitude + " " + (padDirection.magnitude > 0));
            direction += padDirection;

Player.cs from!/#GPMonogame3/view/head/trunk/jeffUnity/UnityGameDemos/Assets/Scripts/PacMan/Player.cs

private PlayerController controller;
    public Vector2 Direction = new Vector2(1, 0);
void Start()
        //Get PlayerController from game object
        controller = GetComponent<PlayerController>();
        //Log error if controller is null will throw null refernece exception eventually
        if (controller == null)
            Debug.LogWarning("GetComponent of type " + typeof(PlayerController) + " failed on " +, this);

// Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        //Check for input from PlayerController
        if (this.controller.hasInputForMoverment)
            this.Direction = this.controller.direction; //Get Direction from PlayerController


  • InputControllerMonogame

Update your movement project in MonoGame to have good separation of concern and use an input class with an input controller.

Use the IntroGameLibrary if you like to quickly make drawable sprites

  • InputControllerUnity

Make a similar project to you MonoGame InputController.

Use an Input controller class in Unity to control the sprite. Reuse as much code as possible from the Monogame InputContorller