Flash Sound and Volume

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Import Audio file into flash

Make a new flash document

FlashVol NewDocument.png

Import Sound file to Library

FlashVol Import.png

Select the audio file you want to import

FlashVol SelectAudioFile.png

Right click on the file in the library and select Linkage

FlashVol Linkage.png

Name check the boxes and name the Link

FlashVol LinkageName.png

Press f9 or Window/Actions to open the actionscript editor in the first frame


mySound = new Sound();                  //New sound object called mySound
mySound.attachSound("StringBender");    //set mySound = to the named instance in the library
mySound.start(0,1);			//Play the sound once

FlashVol 1stActionScript.png

Press ctr/enter to test you movie you should hear the sound we imported play once

Flash Sound and Volume part 2