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Rails net beans



Java EE 5



Discuss Final Project

  • tech
  • audience
  • scope
  • desc

Place in ewtech folder in a folder called 'final'. If the prohect is not on our server please redirect to the project.

  • Eric.Boyer
    • tech:Ajax.Net
    • audience:everybody
    • scope:Main, Menu dynamic ajaxy
    • desc:restaurant
  • ZBremaninator
    • tech:LINQ, c#, asp.net/asp ajax
    • audience:everybody no old ladies will scare them away with design skillz
    • scope:order a pizza max of 3 toppings, crusts, sizes
    • desc:Pizza website
  • Shaun.Crittenden
    • tech:css3
    • audience:everyone
    • scope:inplace demo of whats working what browsers? ff2 ff3b5 ie8 opera
    • desc:demo css3
  • Marc.Dostie
    • tech:jquery
    • audience:people who like web gallery
    • scope:demo of how to use you gallery
    • desc:extensible open web gallery
  • Christopher.Graham
    • tech: AJAX and .NET
    • audience: People Who organize books
    • scope: A site that pulls books from a datasource; lists and gives information on the books
    • desc: Library
  • Andrew.Hass
    • tech:flex Sandy3d 3d wow3d physics
    • audience:MA only
    • scope:video game, sweet jumps and explosions
    • desc:races a car around the screen
  • Andrew.Kelly
    • tech: rubber on rails
    • audience: myself
    • scope: create an interface that allows me (and only me thanks to http auth) to add discs and their contents to a searchable database (anyone can use the searchable part)
    • desc: basically a re-implementation of my burndb (originally written in PHP) in rails
  • Morgan.Robertson
    • tech:C#, LINQ, Cheese databases
    • audience:Lazy Web Developers
    • scope:To have a basic CRUD of the 'cheese' database.
    • desc:Simple Create, Read, Update and Delete of a 'cheese' database containing users and their respective cheese preferences, where internally all queries will utilize LINQ where possible.
  • Brian.Smith
    • tech:air app
    • audience:everyone
    • scope:simple calendar, persists data, edit stuff for one day, multiple stuff on one day sorted by time. Dragable
    • desc:calendar
  • Joel.Tellez
    • tech:flex
    • audience:anyone
    • scope:no objects, click timer to swing the club, animation to hole
    • desc:mini golf sim
  • Brandon.Weiss
    • tech:ruby terminal on the web
    • audience:everyone
    • scope:walk, examine, quest
    • desc:mud


finish final