Design a Website Assignments

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Class Portfolio site

In class (30pts toal)

  • day 1 - just having an in class section to your portfolio
  • day 2 - webpage with links and pictures, and maybe a list
  • day 3 - webpage with embedded css
  • day 4 - webpage with linked css
  • (day 5 and 6 were working on project 1)
  • day 7 - javascript trick
  • day 8 - php exmaple
  • day 9 - flv player media fun!
  • (day 10 was the final)

project 1(20pts total)

  • at least two pages (but as many as you think are required)
  • at least 4 hyperlinks (some internal, some external)
  • at least 3 images
  • at least 3 paragraphs of text
  • 1 stylesheet that is linked (I only want your page to have 1 stylesheet, no more)
  • at least 1 list

project 2(25pts total)

Project 2 should be a copy of project one (so you're not replacing the original project 1 files) that makes at least 4 large improvements. Somewhere (maybe just typed up on your in class page, or your main portfolio page, I don't care, just somewhere where I can find them) I want a list of your 4 improvements, and why you did them. How do they make the site better from the user's perspective?

final exam(25pts total)

make a quick and dirty website using content I give you in class.

extra credit(5pts each, you may do up to 3 for a total of 15pts)

  • add style to your in class work page
  • make a website with dreamweaver
  • make a website writing your own code