Data Design Final 2012

esse quam videri
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Online Contact Organizer


The final project will be in a new folder called 'final'. This folder is a new web application and has already been created. It can be either webforms or MVC.

Users need to create an account on the site before they can create contacts. Once a user is authenticated they can access the rest of the site.

Contacts have multiple email addresses and phone numbers. Build a web app that can create a list of contacts for each user. Users of the application may have many contacts. Each contact should have



Emails (can support many email addresses)

Phone Numbers (listed by type)

Phone Numbers should have types like mobile, office fax etc...

A user should be able to create/read/update and delete their contacts.


about : simple page the describes what the site does. post a data diagram to this page

logon : allow a user to logon or links to create an account

createAccount: allows creation of new account validates use input fields. User must provide LogonName, FirtstName, LastName, email address and password (twice). Longon Name must be unique the applcation shoud check if a name is taken before it creates an account.

contactList: Lists contacts for a user. Extra credit if it is searchable. Should have links or contain the ability to add/update/delete

addContact : add contact

editContact : edit contact

deleteContact : set contact to Inactive, also set any phone numbers and email addresses to inactive.