Character Design & Modeling

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Character Design and Modeling

Week 1 Is an introduction to the course, direction on creating image planes and modeling a character's most basic silhouette.

  1. Image Planes
  2. Basic Modeling

Week 2 demonstrates arm and leg connections.

  1. Arm Connection
  2. Leg Connection
  3. Leg and Body Subdividions

Week 3 instructs on creating facial features and the head.

  1. Face, eyes, nose, and mouth
  2. Forhead, jaw, sculpt geometry tool, adding detail

Week 4 Talks further about the head, creating UVs for texturing, and modeling the breast.

  1. Head, Neck, and Ear
  2. Creating UVs 1
  3. Breast Modeling
  4. Creating UVs 2

Week 5 discusses painting and texturing models in Mudbox and Photoshop

  1. Maya to Mudbox Painting
  2. Mudbox Stamp Painting
  3. Mudbox Projection Painting
  4. Photostop 3D Painting

Week 6 Rigging, Skinning, Painting Weights, binding, and Hair

  1. Creating Joints in Maya
  2. Interactive Skin Bind
  3. Paint Weights and Component Editor
  4. Break Binding
  5. Hair Textures

Week 7 introduces mudbox, sculpting with layers, detail theory, and normal map baking.

  1. Mudbox Intro
  2. Sculpt Layers
  3. Detailing Theory
  4. Normal Map Baking

Week 8 Instructs on sculpting face detail. This class also demonstrated how to capture textures with a lighting setup and a camera.

  1. Mudbox Face Detail

Week 9 talks about hand setup, IK handles, Set driven key, and specular textures.

  1. Hand Setup and IK Handles
  2. Set Driven Key
  3. Specular Textures

Week 10 discusses lighting techniques and how to render a turntable in maya.

  1. Three Point Lighting Intro: Key, Fill and Rim Lights
  2. Physical Sun and Sky in Maya
  3. Turntable and Batch Rendering

Week 11 discusses Transfer Maps in Maya and Transfer Details in Mudbox.

  1. Maya Transfer Maps and Mudbox Transfer Details

Week 12 shows how to create cloth details in Mudbox.

  1. Mudbox Cloth Detail