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(Slow video updates)
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===Slow video updates===
===Slow video updates===
:switch to use PCoIP
:switch to use Blast
:switch to use PCoIP that is confiured

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Improper resolution after logon

Toggle the Allow Display Scaling from the Horizon view menu

If that doesn't work choose restart Desktop from the Horizon view menu. This should give you a new VDI machine next time you connect

VDIIssuesCaptureScaling.PNG VDIIssuesCaptureRestartDesktop.PNG

Items missing from start menu

Be patient windows will load them. If you need them right away you can dig apps out the program files folder

"C:\Program Files" "C:\Program Files (x86)"
VDIIssuesCaptureProgramFiles.PNG VDIIssuesCaptureProgramFilesX86.PNG

Search missing from start menu

Patience again

Screen Flickering

Not sure why this happens

Slow video updates

switch to use Blast
switch to use PCoIP that is confiured