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Located at the Media Production Center, 1600 S State St., Room 127 The space is supervised by Tom Kesling, 312-369-6606.

Hours of Operation

Day Hours Notes
Monday 12:30p-3:30p

Week 6
Weeks 7-15
Tuesday 9:00a-5:00p

Weeks 9-15
Wednesday 12:00p-3:30p

Weeks 1-5
Weeks 7-15
Thursday 9:00a-5:00p

Weeks 9-15
Friday 9:00a-6:00p

Weeks 7-15
Saturday Closed
Weeks 1-6 & 14-15
Weeks 7-13
Sunday Closed

Outside of scheduled class times, students and advanced student productions can make a request to use the shop with the Production Shop Coordinator. All projects, and how they are executed, must be cleared by the Production Shop Coordinator. The Production Shop Coordinator and/or a qualified student shop employee must be present in order to utilize the shop. Working in the shop without supervision is considered unauthorized access and will result in suspension of facility privileges.

The Cinema and Television Arts Production Shop, at the Media Production Center, is an instructional facility that serves as both a classroom and a fabrication facility for advanced student productions.


The Production Shop is a place where users will operate potentially hazardous equipment. For safety and liability reasons, facility users must be currently enrolled students at Columbia College Chicago who are taking, or have completed, any of the following classes:

  • Production Design Fabrication (CINE 105),
  • Cinema Set Design and Construction (CINE 208),
  • Cinema Props (CINE 205),
  • Cinema Models and Miniatures (CINE 310),
  • Production Design: Special Effects (CINE 466)

Students must be registered for classes during the current semester (or for the fall semester, in the case of summer) in order to use the Production Shop. Fellow students are welcome to assist with projects being fabricated in the shop, but they will be limited to what they can do or utilize if they have not had the requisite shop class.

After a student has successfully completed one of the aforementioned classes, use of the shop by that student, if not currently enrolled in another shop class, is at the sole discretion of the Production Shop Coordinator. Abuse of shop policies and safety protocol can lead to the suspension of facility privileges.

The Production Shop is for registered class projects only. Use of the shop for projects outside of Columbia College is prohibited.

To repeat, use of the Production Shop for any class project must be cleared by the Production Shop Coordinator.


  • Students using power tools and shop equipment must be checked out on these tools before using them.
  • There are no dumb questions – only dumb mistakes. ASK!
  • Always wear safety glasses!!!
  • Dust collection system must be on when shop equipment is in use.
  • Spray booth must be on when using substances that emit high VOCs, such as spray paint, oil base paints, lacquer, urethane, solvents, and spray adhesives.
  • Ear protection (disposable foam ear plugs) should be worn when working with high-pitched power tools and shop equipment.
  • Particulate masks (dust masks) should be worn when fine dust is being generated.
  • Respirators must be worn when using substances that emit high VOCs.
  • Do not yell at or distract someone who is in the process of using power tools or shop equipment. Approach them from the side and wait for them to see you.
  • Horseplay and running around is not permitted, especially while power tools and shop equipment are in use.
  • Open toed shoes are not allowed while working in the shop. Shoes must completely cover feet.
  • Long hair must be pulled back and secured to the back of the head when using power tools and shop equipment.
  • Loose clothing and jewelry should be removed while using power tools and shop equipment. Long sleeves must be pulled up or secured on the arm.
  • Off feed table for table saw and lumber run for radial arm saw are not to be used as painting tables. No glue, either!
  • Vinyl wallpaper rolls must be used on worktables when using paints or adhesives.
  • Cutting mats must be used when cutting material with utility knives on worktables.
  • Flammables cabinet must be kept closed at all times. Return solvents, oil based paints, stains, and spray paint to cabinet immediately after use.
  • Remember: if it lives in the flammables cabinet it is usually not water-soluble. Use the appropriate solvent to clean off oil based paints, lacquers, urethanes, and stain.
  • Please keep slop sink and the surrounding area clean.
  • Throw away scrap building material in trash barrel marked “Building Materials Only” – no food or liquid. Use lined trash barrels for food, drink, and other liquids.
  • At the end of class or work day:
    • Clean and put away all power tools
    • Return all hand tools to tool locker
    • Clean off worktables, lumber run, off feed table, and shop equipment
    • Sweep the floors
    • Place stools under worktables

Materials within the Production Shop are intended for shop classes only. The Production Shop does keep on hand reasonable amounts of scrap wood and building materials, various adhesives, and various fasteners. Students working on registered advanced student productions are welcome to inquire about utilizing these materials. However, large amounts of any of the above must be provided by the user/production. The Production Shop is not a store and should not be seen as an easy way for productions to acquire their materials. Check with staff to see what is on hand and available to you before making assumptions.

Unfortunately, there is not much room for storage in the Production Shop, or the MPC, in general. Project storage is limited to classes that take place in the shop. Items stored must be clearly marked with the student's name. The Production Shop assumes no responsibility for anything you store, but we will do what we can to prevent incidents. At the end of the semester you are responsible for taking your work home. Signs will be put up stating the dates at the end of each semester when we will begin our facility clean out. Anything left on the shelves after these dates will be discarded. Consider this a formal notice in advance.

Advanced Student Productions must get approval from the Production Shop Coordinator in order to store any materials and/or completed projects.