Intermediate Film

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It is located in the 1104 S Wabash Building, Room 523 Phone number 312.369.6677

The space is supervised by Justin Bailey.

Hours of Operation

Day Hours Notes
Monday 9am - 10pm
Tuesday 9am - 10pm
Wednesday 9am - 10pm
Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday 12am - 4pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Reservation Process

  • Students come in person to make a reservation or check out through web check out. Reservations that go outside the bounds of our standard protocol are approved through Bob Brink.
  • All reservations for equipment are can be made up to 2 weeks in advance at the facility. They cannot be made online or over the phone.
  • Individual students may reserve for one check out a week.
  • Check in and check out time slots are every half hour.
  • Check out days are Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Check in days are Monday and Wednesday.
  • Gear must be returned on the next check in day.
  • Tuesday check outs return the following Wednesday
  • Thursday check outs return the following Monday.
  • The earliest you may schedule a check out or check in is 8:30 a.m., the latest is 9:30 p.m.
  • BE ON TIME. If you are late for your reserved check out time, your reservation will be cancelled after 30 minutes and other students make check out the equipment.

Check in / Check out


  • Raw film stock is logged out by you and only you with your ID in the Film Cage.
  • The film department does not sell film or SD-Cards to students directly.
  • Be sure to get a film processing sticker when you pick up your raw film. Without it we will not process your film. If you have a short end, bring in the unused portion when you come in to log your film for processing at that time we will give you a processing sticker for the unused portion.
  • Students requiring special processing or printing should check with Cage managers before turning their film in. An additional charge may be required for special processing needs.
  • Film is sent to/returned from the lab Mon/Wed

Outgoing film must be turned in by 11:00AM.
Incoming film should be available by 5:00PM.

  • We transfer film to video in-house for classes finishing digitally. Film classes will drop their film off in the Film Cage for processing and then pick up the files on the 6th floor MIP Center, Rm. 607-F.
  • Students needing to transfer to video for projects outside of class will have to do so independently. Columbia will not be responsible for transferring non-class related projects.

Important Reminders


  • No equipment should be left unattended in a vehicle or on location. Any loss, theft or damage to any equipment is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Never portray action using prop or real weapons in public. You will put yourself and your actors in danger and face possible arrest if you do.
  • Sand from beach locations can harm the equipment. Do not shoot on beaches or near sandy areas without consulting facility staff.