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It is located in the 1104 S Wabash Building, Room 521 Phone 312.369.6673

The space is supervised by Cynthia Harrig.

Hours of Operation

Day Hours Notes
Monday 9:00a-5:00p
Tuesday 9:00a-5:00p
Wednesday 9:00a-5:00p
Thursday 9:00a-5:00p
Friday 10:00a-2:00p By Appointment ONLY
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Camera Lab / Review

Monday - Thursday 11:00-5:00

Please reserve a slot for lab at the start of the semester. The slot you sign up for will be your slot for the remainder of the semester, at the same day and time each week.

  • Labs are held in room 521.
  • Labs are one hour and limited to three students per hour.
  • Students are allowed to scam available slots.
  • Additional hours may be posted in the facility for mid-term and final exam reviews. Additional hours will be announced by instructors in classes for which lab sessions are required.
  • If any student encounters difficulty scheduling a weekly lab session, please contact Cynthia Harrig directly for assistance.
  • Lab review sessions are available to any student who has completed "Cinematography: Camera Seminar I", "Cinematography: Camera Seminar II", "Introduction to Digital Cinematography" or "Digital Imaging Technician and On-Set Postproduction". However, a student is only allowed to review equipment that has been covered in a class that they have completed or are enrolled in. Please contact the facility directly to schedule an available time.

Equipment Prep and pick up

=Monday - Thursday 12:00-5:00

Students must schedule a prep time in advance. Please schedule your prep by 5:00PM of the day prior to the reservation start date. Equipment prep will take one hour at minimum. Students are allowed as much time as they need to prep, but should finish before 5:00 in order to allow equipment to be scanned and loaded out. All equipment is due back by 11:00 AM on the last day of the student's reservation. Please call the facility if you encounter any problems while shooting.

  • Reservation return dates cannot be changed without prior approval, and should be requested one business day prior to the return date. No return date change is official until approved on the film scheduler ( or via confirmation email.
  • Changes may not be approved if they conflict with other pending reservations or are not allowed by the course instructor.
  • Contact Tony Santiago ( or Cynthia Harrig ( for issues with reservations and returns.
  • Please make arrangements to have appropriate crew return all equipment before 11:00 AM on the return date. We suggest students always arrange to have two people for any pick up or return.
  • Do not leave any equipment unattended in your vehicle during pick up or return, or at any time while the equipment is in your possession.

Reserving Equipment

Reservations can be made in the Equipment Scheduler at Reservations must be made prior to the requested start date. No day-of requests will be approved. No reservations made after 12:00PM the day prior to the requested start date will be approved.

  • Changes to reservations must be made in the Equipment scheduler. Please use the pencil icon.
  • Changes must be approved online before they will be honored. Call Cynthia Harrig or Tony Santiago directly with any questions regarding changes.
  • Please confirm the approval of the reservation in the Film Scheduler prior to pick up.
  • Students are encouraged to call the rental facility to schedule prep times while waiting for pending reservation approvals, but equipment will not be released to the student until the approval is confirmed online.
  • Substitutions may be made by the facility in the case of changes in equipment availability. All approved reservations will be honored to the best of our ability.


If a student's shoot is cancelled they are required to cancel their reservation in the Equipment scheduler. Select the "X" to cancel.

  • When cancelling a reservation, please also contact the rental facility to cancel your scheduled prep time.
  • The Equipment Scheduler will not allow a student to cancel on the start date of their reservation. In this instance, please call the facility directly as soon as possible.
  • Failure to show up to prep and pick up reserved equipment may result in a temporary suspension of equipment privileges.

Rental agreement

Students are required to sign the following rental agreement in order to take equipment out of the Advanced Cameras facility: "The undersigned acknowledges receiving the listed equipment in good condition and accepts full liability for damage or loss including concealed or unreported damage discovered after return."

  • We will make every effort to provide each student with equipment in good working condition, but the student for whom the equipment is reserved must provide a qualified camera assistant or director of photography to check the equipment thoroughly prior to signing the rental agreement. For this reason no camera is allowed to be taken out without first being checked by the user, or by the qualified crew member prepping equipment on behalf of the user.

Loss and Damage

  • A normal amount of wear and tear is expected, but damage caused by rough or inappropriate use will need to be covered by the student under whose name the equipment was reserved.
  • Damaged or lost equipment can be replaced by the student directly if they contact the facility. They must replace the lost or damaged items with equipment of similar quality and the of same manufacture and model. Please contact Cynthia Harrig for details prior to attempting any direct replacement.
  • Please contact Cynthia Harrig directly in the case of high value loss or damage. In the event that equipment is stolen, please provide a police report as soon as possible.

Account Holds

  • A student's account may be put on hold if the student fails to replace damaged or missing equipment, if the student fails to respond to requests to contact the facility to discuss damaged or missing items, or if the student fails to replace or pay for damaged or lost equipment by the date agreed to with the facility coordinator or with the department chair.
  • Late returns may result in a hold on the students account, limiting their ability to take out additional equipment.
  • A pattern of late returns will result in the facility contacting the student's instructor and could limit the student's ability to reserve additional equipment when requested.

Additional Notes:

Each class is approved for access to specific types of equipment in order to ensure availability across several classes with multiple sections, regardless of the qualifications of the director of photography, camera assistant, operator or DIT.

Video assist and accessories are distributed to student users based on the equipment tier for which the class provides access. Priority is given to productions using Columbia College jibs and to senior level productions.

Accessories for non-Columbia rentals or student owned equipment being used on Columbia College productions are limited by availability and not guaranteed. Requests for additional accessories in these situations should be made in advance to the facilities coordinator in person or via email.

Columbia College does not provide equipment for non-Columbia productions. Any requests for equipment for such productions must go through the Cinema and Television Arts chair, and will require the use of Columbia College students as crew across all departments. Columbia College equipment should not be used for paid work. Use is restricted to school coursework.