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  • When are my favorite tutors next available hours?
Work aid and tutor hours are posted @ You can also see who is currently working @
  • How can I find a tutor that knows ____?
You can find tutors based on skill @
  • Will you do my homework for me?
Tutors are instructed not to do your homework for you. They will answer you questions but will not complete you assignments.


  • Where do I print to to print in Black and White?
The black an white printers are named by model and by room ie LaserJet9050-122 is an HP Laser jet 9050 in room 122. Windows 7 should have added printers to you control panels based on where you logged in. If you can't fins the printer you are looking for in the control panel you can browse to the print server \\game1\printers and find it in the printers list


  • How can I print in color?
See the color printing FAQ and Video PrintServerIamKeys.png
  • Where do I pick up color Prints?
The equipment cave window rm 123
  • How many color prints do I get?
Depending on size about 10 per semester. You get 20 media credit per semester. Small prints are 1 credit Larger prints are 3 credits. Instructors can and give you more media credits. Please include the number of credits to add and the OasisID of the student(s) to add them to.
  • What size of paper can I print on?
We have 8.5x11 and 13x19 in a variety of styles
  • Is there a larger format that I can print on?
Yes, printing on the large printed is available by discretion of staff or instructor.


  • Can you open room “x” for me, I left stuff in there?
See staff in rm 101 they may open the door for you.
  • Do you have a lost and found?
Yes it's in the equipment cave rm 123
  • Can I leave my bag here?
  • Can I leave my prints here and pick them up tomorrow?
  • Can you watch my laptop/stuff for a few hours while I go get food?


  • How do I use FTP server?
See the ftp tutorial
  • How do I scan?
  • How do I log into a computer?
  • How to burn discs?
  • How to compress files?
  • How can I get on the wifi?
  • We should have more links to tutorials for students in case a certain tutor is not available at the time.


What are your hours?

Is the game lab open?

When is the Game Lab open?


  • How long can I check equipment out for?
2 days excluding Sunday. Equipment checked out on Friday will be due on Monday. Equipment Checkout on Saturday will also be due on Monday.
  • Can I check it out for longer?
  • I just returned something may I check it out again right away?
No, equipment must be in the cave for 1 day before it can be re checkout by the same person.
  • Can I just leave my ID with you and take (insert random cable) ?
No, we cannot take you ID for any reason.
  • What types of cameras do you have available?
  • What equipment am I authorized to check out?
  • What kind of computer do I need for the IAM/Game major
See IAM Recommended Computer @
  • What software do I need?
  • When is the equipment cave open?
The equipment cave is open for checkout from 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM. Please not that their is no equipment checkout during the first and last weeks of a semester.

WHERE ARE PEOPLE ( what’s their schedule? ) QUESTIONS

  • Do you know when Teacher “x” is gonna be ready to talk to me?
Faculty office hours and emails are posted on out contact page
  • Where is such and such person, student offices etc?
  • How is my advisor?
You can find your IAM advisor @ If you don't have an IAM advisor you can choose on on this page. You can also find information about you college advisor.
  • Is there an IAM advisor I can talk to?
You can sign up for advising on oasis IAMAppointmentsInOasis.png

Miscellaneous QUESTIONS

  • Do you need my ID?
  • Do I need to sign something before I go into the lab?
  • A lot of new students don't know what their password is.
  • I've had a lot of people ask to use the Audio Lab for their own outside projects instead of a class.
  • I've also had a lot of people who aren't in the department come in and try to use the open lab.
  • Is there a computer lab I can use?
  • How do I get a job here?
  • Where are the vending machines at?
  • Where is the bathroom?
  • Where's the Cave?
  • People have also asked if we have presentation board or flash drives for sale. Mayhap we could put local shops that have these available to them. IE Blick, Utrecht, Columbia Store, etc.
  • Do I need permission to hang posters?