Sony HDR-FX1 Tutorial

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Sony HDR-FX1


Sony HD Cam Sony fx1 sm.png Sony AC Power Adaptor AC-L10A sm.png Sony RMT-840 sm.png [[Image:]]
Sony HDR-FX1 Sony AC Power Adapter w/ Cord Sony Remote RMT-840 Bag for HDR-FX1

This tutorial covers the basic operation of the Sony HDR-FX1 Video Camera.

Supplying Power

1. Attach the supplied battery pack by pressing it against the camera and then sliding it down.

2. You can also supply power the the camera by attached the supplied power cord.

Inserting a Cassette

1. Slide the OPEN/EJECT lever in the direction of the arrow to open the lid.
2. Insert a cassette with its window-side facing out, then push the center of the back of the cassette.
3. Press the PUSH on the CASSETTE COMPARTMENT and then close the CASSETTE LID.

Recording a Picture

1. Open the hood shutter.
2. Open the LCD panel and adjust the angle.
3. While pressing the green button, set the POWER switch to CAMERA.
4. Press REC START/STOP. Recording will then start. To stop recording press the START/STOP button again.

Monitoring Playback

1. While pressing the green button set the POWER switch to VCR.
2. Press rewind to "scrub" back to a specific time.
3. Press play to start playback.
4. When done press the stop button at the end of playback.

Full Manual

If you are interested in learning more on the advanced features please refer to the owners manual.