School of Media Arts & Presidents Office Phone Numbers

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IAM Faculty Handbook

School of Media Arts

Doreen Bartoni

Dean, School of Media Arts
33 E. Congress, Rm. 600

Alton Miller

Associate Dean,  School of Media Arts	 312-344-8221

Charles Castle

Assistant to the Dean		312-344-8220

Jodi Adams

Administrative Assistant	312-344-8837

Office of the President

Dr. Warrick Carter, President

Yvonne Sode, Executive Assistant to the President   312-344-7202
Rhonda Hart, Administrative Assistant		    312-344-7818

Steven Kapelke, Provost/VP for Academic Affairs

Deborah Coney, Executive Assistant to Provost	    312-344-7492
Theodore Harwood, Assistant to the Provost	    312-344-7496
Sandra Hill, Administrative Assistant		    312-344-8692