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The Interactive Arts and Media department has facilities in 916 S. Wabash Ave., 1000 S. Wabash Ave., and the Media Production Center (1600 S. State St.).

Please note that the 1000 S. Wabash Ave. facilities are accessed through the 916 entrance.

916 S. Wabash

RM 101 (Offices)

RM 111 (Project Room)

1000 S. Wabash

RM 121 (Game Lab)

RM 122 (Open Lab)

RM 123 (Equipment Cave)

RM 125 (Fabrication Lab)

RM 129 (Classroom)

RM 131 (Classroom)

RM 133 (Classroom)

RM 134 (Classroom)

RM 136 (Sound/HD Studio)

RM 139 (Classroom)

RM 140 (Classroom)

RM 141 (Classroom)

RM 142 (Classroom)

RM 150 (Lecture Hall)

Media Production Center

RM 101 (SMART Lab)

RM 103 (Classroom)

RM 105 (Motion Capture Studio)

Old Facilities

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916-1000 Construction Photos


Equipment Tutorials

IAM Equipment

Room Tutorials

Room 405

Working in Auditorium Room 405<br\> Room 405 HD Suite<br\>

MSDNAA Tutorial

Room 605

Room 605 5.1 Surround Sound Setup<br\> Recording in Room 605<br\>

Network Tutorials

Good Saving Practices
IAM Proxy Setup
Mapping a network drive

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Printing Pre-flight
Printing Guide Illustrator/Photoshop CS3
Printing Guide Large Format Printing
Bonjour Wizard Tutorial

Software Tutorials

Final CD/ DVD Burning

Flash Tutorials

Programming Tutorials

Programming Tutorial: Classes Part 1
Programming Tutorial: Classes Part 2

External Tutorials


Grid-based design (scroll down for links to tutorials and articles):

Video Tutorials on AdobeTV

Tutorials on all Adobe Products:


How to learn ActionScript 3.0/Flash:

goToAndLearn Video Flash Tutorials:

XML and Flash

Slide Show: XML and Flash

Tutorials on Kirupa

Flash and Actionscript:

Silverlight Tutorials: and PHP:


Known Issues

disable and re-enable network card on Vista

acrobat crashes - work around

603 printer issue

Mapping a network drive

Mac OS X specific

Connect to Shares From Mac

Join a mac to iam.local active directory domain

Mac (OS X 10.5.x) specific

Audio output on the Mac teaching station

Drag and Drop to Network User or Classfolders directories

FEATS Faculty Education and Training Sessions

IAM Faculty Training

No dates currently available.

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