RM 125

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916-1000 South Wabash RM 125

The Fabrication Lab is the center of the department's research into electronics, physical computing, tactile media, and advanced imaging. The Lab is home to some of the department's high-profile assets, including the Computer Controlled Universal Laser Cutter and the Large Format Printer. Other features include Solder Stations, electronics components (transistors, resistors, etc.), manual and battery-powered tools, a robotics locker, and a collection of materials for the Laser Cutter.


RM 125 (Fabrication Lab)


1000 South Wabash Ave. (please use 916 entrance)

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  • 1 Dell 9100 Running Windows XP


  • 1 50 inch Samsung Touch of Color LED HDTV

Soldering Station

  • 2 Solder Guns

Printing Station

  • 1 Epson 9800 Large Format Printer
  • 1 Universal Laser Systems Laser Printer

Repair Station

  • 1 Heat Gun