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President - Jacob Kennedy
*President - Jacob Kennedy
Vice President - Mykhaylo Vuchastyy
*Vice President - Mykhaylo Vuchastyy
Secretary - Issac Young
*Secretary - Issac Young

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The goal of this club is to provide weekly critiques for new and current game art students. People are encouraged to bring in current or old artworks in order to receive a group constructive critique in order to improve the work and skillshare amongst students.


We aim to provide an out of class learning environment centered around students giving students feedback. To supplement weekly critique sessions, we aim to provide monthly workshops/ presentations to supply additional learning opportunities for club members. Members will leave each meeting with pieces of helpful feedback and an understanding of what can be improved in their artwork. This club will provide all Game Art and Animation students a common place to share knowledge, receive a wide variety of feedback, and work off of each others experience to grow as artists.


During the academic school year, meetings are held every Friday. Times change based on leader and student availability, please check with the current Press Start leaders for the times!

Once a month, Press Start will hold a special event with a guest teacher or alumni. These will be our Demo Days and will focus on a specific topic that the guest introduces. The times for these events will vary due to guest availability.


  • President - Jacob Kennedy
  • Vice President - Mykhaylo Vuchastyy
  • Secretary - Issac Young


Find more information about our regular meetings through our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/pressstartgameart

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