Operating Systems Class Notes

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1. Operating Systems instructor students write about yourself syllabus and course outline course materials Hardware overview

Activity: install DOS versioning things you can do with an operating system DOS-Win9X, WinNT-Vista, UNIX-Ubuntu, Macintosh-MacOSX

   * Wikipedia entry for operating system 

HANDOUT: Regan, Patrick. Troubleshooting the PC with A+ prepearation, Pages 515-521


BOOT Up process disk media partition and filesysem formats formats

   * Wikipedia entry for DOS 


command line DOS Commands /, \, filepaths and switches comparing OSs other legacy DOS (win 9x . . .) HELP menu

Activity: configure DOS

3. MS-DOS making a MS-DOS boot disk

          Mac and GUIs, Nortons

DOS command line quiz

4. Windows 3.11, 9X

5. Windows NT, 2000

6. Windows XP, Vista

7. Midterm Exam 8. UNIX & Linux 9. Ubuntu Linux 10. Ubuntu Linux 11. Macintosh 12. Macintosh System 7 - 9 13. MacOS X 14. MacOS X 15. Final Exam