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(Changes for Spring 2009)
(Changes for Spring 2009)
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==Information for Cave Staff==
==Information for Cave Staff==
===Changes for Spring 2009===
*The EQ Cave is now staffed during all hours the lab is open.
*The EQ Cave is now staffed during all hours the lab is open.
*Color printing is now handled through the EQ Cave. All cave staff should familiarize themselves with color printing.
*Color printing is now handled through the EQ Cave. All cave staff should familiarize themselves with color printing.

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The Equipment Cave is available for IAM students to rent equipment and print color documents. It is located in room 123 at the back of 1000 S Wabash Ave and is open during all normal lab hours.

Please read the Equipment Cave Access and Rental Policies below before checking out equipment.

Access and Rental Policies

In order to rent equipment and use the printers you must be enrolled as an IAM student.

Equipment Restrictions and Clearance

Equipment is organized by category (audio, video, photography, etc.), and is further subdivided by skill-level (basic, intermediate, and professional).

Students require specific clearance for each category and skill-level they wish to borrow equipment from. Incoming and transfer students are initially only allowed to take out basic level equipment but may request special clearance from the Equipment Cave staff if they have previous experience with higher level equipment.

Additional equipment clearance is granted by taking classes in the IAM department. In general, higher level classes grant access to higher level equipment. Clearance is automatically granted if required for a particular class.

Information on how-to obtain specific clearances can be found on the Equipment Restrictions and Clearance page.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for returning all equipment on time in complete and working condition.

This means:

  • Equipment returned is functional and free from damage.
  • All parts and accessories (as specified in the contract) are accounted for, functional, and free from damage.

If any of these terms are violated an infraction report will be filed on return of the equipment and if applicable, a $20/day late fee will be charged for overdue equipment.

Infraction Policies

Students are allowed 3 minor OR 1 major infraction.

Minor infractions include (but are not limited to):

  • Loss of accessories.
  • Late return of equipment.

Major infractions include (but are not limited to):

  • Loss of equipment.
  • Significant loss of accessories.
  • Significantly late return of equipment.

If you have lost or damaged any equipment or accessories, you must be sure to notify the attendant on duty when the equipment is returned so that it can be noted in the report. Please detail the damage or loss sustained, and the manner in which it occurred. Be aware that you will be held accountable for any unreported damage or loss.

When your allotted infractions are used up your equipment priviledges will be revoked and you will be banned from the checkout system indefinitely.

If you are banned and require equipment to complete a class assignment you will need your instructor to check it out for you.

Please note that the attendant on duty does not have the ability to reinstate or revoke bans. If you feel you have been unfairly banned you may petition IAM technical staff for reinstatement of privileges.

Information for Students


Access Levels and Available Equipment could be combined into one doc (see above).


Information for Cave Staff


  • The EQ Cave is now staffed during all hours the lab is open.
  • Color printing is now handled through the EQ Cave. All cave staff should familiarize themselves with color printing.
  • The Cave door should remain closed at all times. Students are not allowed in the Equipment Cave. During normal business hours, all EQ transactions should be handled through the hall window.
  • Game Lab rentals are now handled through the Equipment Cave. To reduce congestion in the hallway, game rentals should ideally be handled through the window in the Game Lab.

Rental Procedures for Cave Staff

Check-out Procedures

  1. If the student has not already placed their item in the queue, assist them in doing so. Politely inform them that this can be done from any internet capable computer in advance. This will help to minimize congestion at the window.
  2. If the student has questions concerning equipment, clearance, or Cave policies, answer them to the best of your ability or refer them to the appropriate wiki page.
  3. Ask the student if they require any accessories and add them as necessary.
  4. Add at least one battery, but no more than two. Make sure you grab the battery with the same number as the one you added in the application. This is very important for inventory tracking.
  5. Find the item in the queue and click contract.
  6. Print the contract and retrieve the appropriate bag from the cage.
  7. Add any accessories the student has requested.
  8. Find the correctly numbered battery. Attach it to the device and turn it on to make sure it is fully charged. If you send students out with dead batteries you will be written up.
  9. With the student, check the contents of the bag against the list of items on the contract. Initial next to each item and have the student do the same. Make sure the student understands what goes in the bag and that they are responsible for its safe return. If there is a discrepancy between the bag and the contract, do not check the item out. Resolve the problem and re-print the contract. If you are not sure how to resolve the problem, ask one of the other cave workers to assist you.
  10. Have the student print their name at the bottom of the contract and sign it. Put your own initials as well.
  11. Place the completed contract in the spot you removed the bag from and click release in the application.

Check-in Procedures

  1. Retrieve the appropriate contract from the cave.
  2. Check the bag's contents and any accessories against the contract. Initial next to the item if everything is ok.
  3. Logon to the equipment application if you are not already.
  4. Find the item in the check-out section and click check-in.
  5. If there are any accessories, click on return to original group for each one to return it to the accessory group. This is extremely important. If this is not done properly it messes up the inventory and makes future check-outs more difficult until the problem is resolved.
  6. If everything is there and in working condition, proceed to the next step. If there is a problem, you will need to file an infraction report.
  7. Return the equipment and accessories to their original locations in the cave.
  8. Place the batteries in the appropriate charger if one is available, or in the uncharged pile if one is not.
  9. File the contract in the completed contract bin.

Color Printing How-Tos

Equipment Application and Database How-Tos

Deprecated Documents