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Project 3

We'll be working on project 3 today.

It's due next week. Next week is the last class.




So lets have some good projects next week. Cool?

remember, they need to have the following

Reads from XML or a database successfully

Change XML or database on the fly and have it still work

saves data on the server or database

at least one nested movieclip

at least some sort of tween, something that animates

look not ugly


fla linked for download

html with embedded swf linked from portfolio

Flash sketchbook with save function

how do they do that?

The Drawing API

this kirupa tutorial shows how to use the flash drawing API to make a paint application using flash. That'd be the first step.

saving a jpg

To save the contents of the stage flash has a function to make the current stage into an image.

To save that image as an image file on the server so it can be used, you have to send every pixel of the image, one by one, to a php function that uses the gd library to reassemble the image and save it to disk.

sephiroth IT has this tutorial that explains the process pretty in depth.

this post on flashkit is much less in depth, but the author has a good idea of spreading the pixel sending part across a few frames in flash, so the timeline continues to move while it saves and the flash player won't throw the "a script is causing this movie to run slowly..." message.