Sound for Interaction Loops

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Turn on Looping in sound forge

Loops TurnLoopOn.png

while the song is playing use 'I' key to mark the In point

use the 'O' to make the Out point.

Loops InOut.png

LIsten to the loop and make sure that it loops perfectly. In if doesn't try th 'I' and 'O' key again or you can try to tweak you selection using the zoom tooland drag the edges of the selection.

Use the r key to define the selected section as a region

Press 'Z' to make sure that both ens are at a Zero Crossing

Loops MarkRegion.png

The region should look like this

Loops Region1.png

Now if you have the selection perfect and the tempo of the song is constant you can try the acid looping tools

Loops AcidToolsinSoundForge.png

try these keys
shift + ,
shift _ .