Rendering Classroom Camera Recordings in Camtasia

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Camtasia - Rendering Classroom Recordings

What follows is a step by step walkthrough for lab aides and tutors on how to take camtasia .camrec files and render them so that they appear correctly in the website.

The Process

  1. Find the Camrec files under Classfolders\fun_stuff\Camtasia\RawVideo\<CourseName>\<CurrentSemester\<InstructorName> (Grab all the files for one class at a time and ONLY for the current semester)
  2. Copy those Camrecs and paste them into C:\User
  3. Double-click on one of the Camrecs to open Camtasia
  4. Drag the Camrec from the clip bin into the timeline to create the first segment of the video you are making. Camtasia will ask at what resolution you would like to create the video. Choose 800x600.
  5. Click into the timeline and press [Space] to start playing the video you are creating. Make sure that the Camrec you used is the first part of the recordings for that day of class. Hopefully, the teacher is nice like Jeff and announces at the start of the video, "Hello, this is Data Design Class 9 Part two!"
  6. Click and drag the segment to the left until it snaps into place, so that the segment begins as soon as the video starts.
  7. From C:\User, click and drag your second segment (Most classes end up with two Camrecs a week. If you are working with more than two Camrecs, feel free to just drag them all in at once) into Camtasia's clib bin.
  8. Drag each of your additional Camrecs from the clip bin into the timeline one at a time. Make sure that your segments are in order from first to last, and make sure that there is no space in-between the end of one segment and the beginning of another. When you are re-arranging your segments in Camtasia, remember to shift-click to include both your audio and your video channels as you move them around.
  9. When you're done arranging your segments, use CTRL + P to produce and share. USE CUSTOM SETTINGS
  10. After selecting custom settings, click continue through all the default settings until you come to the watermark. Make certain that the watermark is set to be the BrandIdentity IAMTreatment120.png (found in Classfolders\fun_stuff\Camtasia\)
  11. When you produce the final video use the following naming convention: <CourseName>_<Semester>_<Week>_<InstructorInitials>.mp4 (e.g. OOP_SP16_WK1_JM.mp4), then click finish.
  12. After successfully recording, copy the production file you produced from C:\User to classfolders\funstuff\camtasia\<CurrentSemester>\<CourseNameAndSectionNumber> (Verify which section the instructor is using as there may be multiple sections running).
  13. Verify the videos are accessible on
  14. Delete all local copies of your files.

A Visual Walkthrough

Camtasia training video