Premiere Titles and Fades

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Create Some Space at the begining of your file

Click on the time line and select everything ctr-a. Slide everything move and make room for the title frame.

Titles CreateSomeSpace.png

Create a new title

Title CreateTitle.png

Use the Title Tool to create your title. Don't forget your name to add your name. Please respect the safe title area.

Title TitleTool.png

Add the title to the timeline.

Title AddTitleToTimeLine.png

we now have a hard cut between the title and the animation. Wouldn't it be nice if we added a short fade.

Add about 1 second of the first frame below the Title.

Title FirstFrame.png

Title ShowKeyframes.png

Title OpacityKeyFrames.png

Use the Pen Tool(P) to insert two key frames at the beginning and end of the first frame. (You can ctl click to add key frames).

Title AddKeyFrames.png

Then use the Effects Control to set the the opacity so that it fades in slowly.

Title EffectsControl.png

Do the same to make credits at the end.