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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Article proposing new type of motion capture system. Overview of existing types of motion capture systems. Undated. Article describing research project with Albany Medical College

University of Central Florida News article covering Motion Capture Studio opening at UCF's Video-Gaming Academy. January 8, 2008

New York University's Courant Institute Page describing Vicon system

University of California At Irvine Short paragraph describing facilities, including Vicon system. Workshops affiliated with UCI motion capture

University of Pennsylvania Description of summer academy program referencing LiveActor motion capture system.

University of Advancing Technology Page describing motion capture studio and its use.

University of Texas-Dallas News article describing new motion capture studio. January 18, 2005. News article describing rand opening of same. April 14th 2005.

The Art Institute of California News article describing motion capture studio. June 15, 2004.

University of Georgia (ICE) Facilities list includes multiple references to motion capture studio (see Department of Theatre and Film and School of Music)

Ohio State University Motion Capture Lab page describing Vicon system