Managing Equipment Restrictions and Clearance

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Restrictions and How They Work

Each equipment category has a restriction tied to it. In order to check out equipment from a particular category, a student needs to have the corresponding clearance. For example, in order to rent equipment from the Photo (Intermediate) category, a student needs the Photo (Intermediate) clearance, obtained by taking Digital Image Design. Information on categories and their restrictions can be found on the Equipment Restrictions and Clearance page.

Clearing Students for Equipment

Normally students are automatically granted clearance necessary for any classes they are taking at the beginning of the semester. Eventually, you will come across students who need to be manually cleared for certain categories of equipment.

Before you grant a student any clearance, check that they have met the requirements for it by requesting they bring you a copy of their transcript. Students can be granted clearance if they have taken or are currently taken the appropriate class as listed on the Equipment Restrictions and Clearance page.

Once you have verified their credentials, proceed to the Equipment application on the IAM site and follow these directions:

Step 1

In the navigation menu, click on Restrictions.

Step 2

The Restrictions page lists the restrictions for each category, and the requirements that need to be met before a student can obtain the corresponding clearance.

Before you grant a student clearance, check the column labeled How To Obtain Clearance and verify that they meet the requirements.

Step 3

After you have verified that they meet the requirements, click on Clearance in the navigation menu.

Step 4

In the search box, enter the student's login name or Oasis ID number and click search.

If you search by Oasis ID: please note that the login name associated with the ID may not be the one the student actually logs in with, so be sure to verify this with the student.

In order to work, clearances must be changed on the name the student logs into the Equipment app with.

Step 5

In the Add Permissions section you should see a list and a series of checkboxes. The list contains all of the clearances the student currently has, while the checkboxes correspond to the ones they don't.

Step 6

Find the checkbox that corresponds to the clearance the student has requested and click on it.

If the student has requested clearance for multiple categories, check those as well.

Finally, click Add Permission to clear the student. If it worked, the checkbox will disappear and the clearance will move to the list. The student now has clearance for that category.