Making your class web page

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First make sure you have an account with IAM.

This gives you a pub (web) folder, space for working directories, and all together, 2 GB of storage.

Go to your Z drive. This is your space on IAM servers.

In your pub folder, create a subfolder called PublicArt. (no space between words)

To make your page: Navigate to the sample student web page.

In the browser, go to View>Source

Copy the text, and paste it into BBedit on the Mac, Scite on the PC (these correctly interpret the html formatting symbols).

Change the text to suit your needs (for eg., substitute your name - Hieronymous Bosch - in place of Student Name).

Save this as an .html file to your pub/PublicArt folder as index.html

and Voila!

you can do a real web page design, but this basic template is all that's required.