Introduction to JavaScript Fall 2011 Class 7

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About the Midterm and Final:

The midterm will be short answer questions

All of the questions are about concepts, I am expecting a broad, big picture explanation of these concepts, not specific details or sample code.

The midterm will be closed book, closed note, since it is concept oriented, not detail, and I am expecting answers in your own words.

The final, in contrast, will be hands on.

You will be given instructions to build a web page from scratch. I do not expect you to be able to build the entire web page in the time alloted, but you will be graded on how well you can do in the time you are given.

For the final, you will be able to use any notes your bring, as well as look up details / examples on the internet.

Topics for the midterm:

  • the differences between HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and what each one is used for
  • why you would want to keep the above technologies separate in your code
  • the difference between classes and IDs, both in regards to CSS and Javascript
  • the difference between block level and inline level elements.
  • graceful degradation
  • AJAX
  • some methods of JavaScript Optimization
  • javascript libraries (just what they are, not information on specific libraries)