Introduction to JavaScript Fall 2011 Class 6

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General resources

Everyone should have a "Training" tab in oasis. This tab will take you to to get full access of their streaming tutorial library.

The 2011 version of JavasScript Essential Training that they added this year is way better than the 2007 version.

I haven't watched it yet, but Practical and Effective JavaScript looks really good too.


Kim suggested as an awesome js helper.

Comparision operators

Most of javascript's comparisor operators offer a standard version (==, !=) and a strict version (===, !==).

Mozilla Developers Network on Comparison Operators

ternary if operator

JavaScript has a syntax for writing a quick if/else statement on a single line. I prefer the more traditional syntax myself, but it's good to be familiar with the ternary operator in case you see it in other people's code.

decent blog post about the JavaScript ternary if operator

The this keyword

The this keyword will refer to different objects depending on what block of code you're using it in. It is very useful when writing object oriented JavaScript. It also behaves a little different when using jQuery.

The this keyword at

Understanding JavaScript’s this keyword

jQuery's this: demystified

JavaScript String Manipulation

Sure, we know how to concatenate strings, but what if you want to chop up and rearrange strings?

w3schools on String properties/methods

JavaScript Array Manipulation

Likewise, you can mix and max arrays.

w3schools on Array properties/methods

jQuery modules

simple modal

simple carousel


Project 1

Project 1 details