Introduction to JavaScript Fall 2011 Class 15

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the Final

Your grade on the final exam will be 90% based on the JavaScript for the page, 5% for HTML and 5% for CSS. As such, priority wise I recommend making just enough HTML/CSS for the JavaScript to function, and then tweaking it after you're happy with the state of the JavaScript.

As far as the JavaScript goes, making everything functional should be your first concern. The carousel is in my opinion the most difficult. It would be a shame to get stuck on that, and not have time for the other components, so I would recommend doing them first.

The cleaner and more optimized you can make your code, the better, but I understand this is an Intro course and it takes time to develop good coding habits. I will be looking for consistency in your code and a logical structure more than performance optimization. This is a small web page, it wouldn't benefit much from performance optimization anyway.

I have included citations of where the images came from in the zip file. Include these citations in your page comments, they are under the creative commons, but the license requires you cite where they came from.

Link the final exam from your portfolio website when you are done so I can grade it.

download zip