Introduction to JavaScript Fall 2011 Class 14

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About the Final

The most important part of your final will be building the framework of the website, and getting the following types of components built on it and working properly.

I'm including examples so you have an idea of what you will have to build to get.

These examples were picked only to display the kind of functionality I'm expecting to see. I have not examined their code, and it might not be the best way to build these components. They may also conflict with each other if you try to copy and past them all in the same page.

I will be grading your work on how well the finished portions of the webpage work, and the efficiency and neatness of the code that drives them. Building the components from scratch (with or without jQuery), or finding good scripts to use online that all play nice with each other is your responsibility for this assignment.

Based on the work everyone has done in class already, I do not expect anyone to fail this exam.

I don't want anyone to panic about it, or lose any sleep over it.