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IAM Faculty Handbook

IAM Local Network

What is the Interactive Arts and Media Local Network? The Interactive Arts and Media Local Network is a group of servers and storage volumes for the use of the Interactive Arts and Media faculty, staff and students. The volumes each have a different use. Some uses include temporary and permanent storage, e-mail and Web service. Some volumes are available to only staff and faculty, while others are available to students.

There are several network shares available on IAM servers


  • \\SIAM2\classfolders
A share that holds support files related IAM classes. The classfolders share is read only for students. These folders have a 'pub' folder that is shared on the iam.colum.edu website. The pub folder should be shared as iam.colum.edu\classname. The classfolders share also may contain a 'Private' (no student access) and a 'Drop' (students can write to this folder) folders.
  • \\SIAM2\user
contains students home directories
  • \\SIAM2\user2
contains faculty/staff home directories


  • \\IAMLibary\Library\Linux
Mirror of common Linux distros
  • \\IAMLibary\Library\MSDNAA
MSDNAA software
  • \\IAMLibary\Library\Soundz
Sound effects and loops

How Do I Log-on?

Every Log-on requires a user name and a password. The user name and passwords ARE case sensitive.

Wireless information

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP is what you use to transfer files from your computer to your Web site, which resides on our machine. An FTP program will allow you to upload files. Uploading is the process of putting files from your machine onto another. (The process of getting files from another machine to yours is called downloading.) All macs and pcs in IAM have ftp clients see


How Do I get an FTP account?

All students, faculty and staff should already have ftp accounts. If you have a domain account you have an ftp account.

Don't have an account and would like to request one please fill out a trouble report Need Account.


select 'Need Account'

How Do I upload?

see http://imamp.colum.edu/mediawiki/index.php/FTP

Servers and Network

Database Servers

Siam2 and imamp are running MySQL 5. Accounts are available by request: jmeyers@colum.edu 7754.

We also run MSSQL 20058 server. Accounts are available by request: jmeyers@colum.edu 7754

Web Servers

We have two department web servers SIAM2 and IMAMP. SIAM is iam.colum.edu and IMAMP is imamp.colum.edu.

All faculty and staff have web sites on iam.colum.edu. The URL to you website in is http:\\iam.colum.edu\LogonName.

You can post files to your website by uploading to your 'pub' folder. You home directory (z: drive) should have a folder called 'pub' in it this folder contains your website. All faculty and staff must abide by the COMPUTER AND NETWORK USAGE POLICIES & GUIDELINES at http://www2.colum.edu/info/website/WWWpolicy.html.

Students must sign the IAM web contract before there website is available. The contract is at http://interactive.colum.edu/tech/Web_Site_Sign_Up.htm. The sheet should be printed, signed by the student and turned into an IAM staff member. Once we have the contract on file the student web site will be created.

TODO list IAM servers and resources

TODO list IAM printers


For Oasis help please go to: http://cit.colum.edu/oasisinfo/info.html

E-Mail and Web Pages

All IAM faculty and staff have web space on iam.colum.edu and game.colum.edu.

Each IAM class has a website in the classfolders share. The website should be used to post relevant class materials. Each faculty and staff member also have their own webspace in the home directory. This space may be used to post non class or section specific materials.

Please use the trouble report form to make further requests.

Special Equipment and Software Requests

First and foremost, please teach what we have installed in our labs and what you are assigned to teach! Don’t make your lesson contingent on equipment or software that we don’t own or a plug-in that needs to be installed after the semester begins. However, every so often an instructor will need special hardware or software to be used for one or two class sessions. (This would be for demonstration purposes only – not installed on every machine in the class lab!)

If you do need custom settings or setups to demonstrate something for a class, fill out a repair/request form (available in any lab or the front office area) and allow at least one week. This means that the Lab Managers must also have any software or equipment that you are bringing in at least one week in advance of the lecture or demonstration.

Our technicians must test installation of special hardware or software in advance. This is to ensure there will not be conflicts or problems with our current configurations.

There is a list of current IAM software @ IAM_Computer_Labs