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IAM Faculty Handbook

Faculty Information

Substitute Teachers

If you need a substitute to teach your class, please make the proper arrangements beforehand. The department will pay for your substitute teacher for the first absence only. Upon a second absence, the hours you did not teach will be deducted from your regular pay. The substitute will be compensated according to their rate and the number of hours worked. Do not leave messages – You must speak to a person. Call your Coordinator for assistance in finding a substitute.

If you do not make arrangements for a substitute to teach your class, it is required that you make-up the missed class session later in the semester. Contact your Coordinator to make arrangements.

Faculty who miss several sessions during the course of the semester will have their status reevaluated for the following semester.

Contact Sallie Gordon, with the name of your class, course number, date, and name of substitute. Please do this in a timely manner. You will receive a confirmation in your mailbox that your substitute form has been submitted.

Part Time Faculty Absenteeism

Adjunct Faculty may miss one class per course per semester due to illness or personal emergency (personal days are not included) without penalty, providing that notification is given to the Chairperson, or his/her Coordinator, before the class meeting. Failure to notify according to this procedure will result in loss of compensation for that class.

PFAC contract


Need to Know

Field Trips

Field trips forms are required to be submitted 48 hours prior to the trip and those forms can be found at the front desk reception area in 623 W. - 400. The department is required by the College Administration to know if faculty and students are off campus – or elsewhere on campus. If we do not receive a field trip form we will consider you absent.


There is a Xerox machine available for use in administrative offices. Small jobs (generally 20-40 pages) are acceptable. Please keep in mind that the copy machine is often out of service. With that said, you should be making your copies well in advance, not ten minutes before class.

Large print jobs must be sent to the Xerox Center. Large print job MUST be approved by the Chair. After receiving approval see Margo Dumelle for submission procedures. Keep in mind copyright issues on some material. Please Allow a few days for the job to be completed.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Make arrangements with the library’s Audio/Visual desk (ext. 7120) for slides, videos, films etc. (they have an extensive collection). A full description of Library Services can be found later in this document.

Student Emails

All faculty should exclusively use a student's @loop.colum.edu email (as provided by the school) for contact related to class. This is the only email the student has that is guaranteed not to change during the course of the semester. Please strongly strongly encourage your students to either check their @loop.colum.edu email daily or forward it to an email address that they check daily.


Every Semester I need to:

There are some things that we need to do every semester. Here is a partial checklist of what to expect during the course of the year:

  • Please make sure your phone/address/email information is updated at the first Faculty Meeting of the semester. Also, please check you Oasis email or have it re-directed to your personal email address.
  • Turn in hard copy of syllabus during the departmental meeting to your Coordinator who will check it against the departmental master syllabus template. Additionally, you are required by College policy to make your syllabi available in the "Syllabus" section of your class section in Oasis. Please note that any changes dictated by the syllabus guidelines or area Coordinators must be implemented in a timely manner. Syllabi that do not comply with the guidelines will be returned for corrections.
  • Fill out faculty availability during the faculty meeting. We will be accepting email versions in the future, these will be considered valid upon receipt.
  • Collect student field trip participate forms during first week of classes
  • Participate in the Department Art Exhibitions, Events, Lectures and Open House.
  • Complete Student evaluations (departmental form) near end of each semester (usually week 11).
  • Comply with assessment activities as designated by your Coordinator.
  • Complete and enter your official grades into Oasis the week classes have concluded.
  • Print out and keep an electronic copy of your grade sheet at the end of each semester but also send digital copies to your Coordinator and Sallie Gordon. (You will receive an email from Oasis when you update your grades - simply forward on that email.)
  • Turn in Independent Project grades after final evaluation. (Give to Chairperson and copy Sallie Gordon)
  • Clear student artwork from part-time faculty office at the end of the semester

Faculty Office

Office suite 400L, 623 W., has been designated a part-time faculty office. There is a phone, bookshelves, desks, storage, computers and a printer available for your use. The door to the office is usually locked. Ask a staff member or the front desk receptionist to open the door for you. Please be sure to clean up this room from time to time, particularly after lunch or when you have finished sorting your mail. Inform your students that projects left in the office will be thrown away two weeks after the semester is over.

Faculty Mailboxes

Faculty mailboxes are located in the hallway of the 623 W, Suite 400. Your students may leave messages and assignments there.


In order to maintain the high quality of instruction that is always given by the Interactive Arts and Media faculty, the following evaluation procedures may be used:

  • 1. Faculty evaluation of the course
  • 2. Student evaluation of the instructor.

(To ensure your continued appointment, be certain to follow the instructions given with your packet of evaluations scheduled near the end of the semester.)

  • 3. Administrative or peer evaluation—the Chair or a senior Full or PT faculty member may ask to sit in on your class at some point during the semester.

The evaluations are used as an administrative tool to critique the program and aid us in our continuing curriculum evaluation and development.

Student evaluations are currently being tested online. Announcements will be made regarding the procedures for 2007-2008. Faculty will receive copies of student evaluations after coordinators review them. If warranted, the coordinator will meet with faculty to discuss less than average evaluations and work on ways to improve the situation.

Change of Address

If you move during the semester, please notify our department as soon as possible. We will help you complete the necessary forms that need to be sent to the Dean’s office and to payroll. Contact Margo Dumelle or Sallie Gordon for this form.