Giving Media to Students

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Workers can distribute and keep track of media distribution through the Give Media and Media Trail links in the Equipment Database. To access it, log in to the IAM website, go to IAM Resources, and proceed to the Equipment Database. Once there, click on Give Media or Media Trail within the database navigation.

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Media Points

Media is distributed via a points system. Every item has a point value to them that is decremented when a student requests that item. Each student starts off with 20 points attached to their account. (Only under special conditions can more points be given to them.) On the Give Media page, you can view each item's worth.

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Distributing Media to Students

Before giving media to students, you should check and see how many point are still attached to their account. Put the student's login name or Oasis ID into the User search. (It's recommended to have the student give you the login name that they use frequently.) After entering the login name / ID, the amount of points attached to the student should appear underneath the textbox.

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There is a dropdown list with the different media types. Select the requested media and enter the quantity. After the choice is made, click on on Get Paper / Get Media to apply it to the student's account. A media log at the bottom of the page should be displayed, letting you know what media the student has requested in past instances.

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Viewing Media Logs

To view a collective media log, click on the Media Trail link in the database navigation. Here, you can see an overview of all the media requested by all students within a set amount of time.

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