Flash Sound and Volume part 2

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Make a button to play a sound

Draw something for the play button

FlashVol DrawPlay.png

Select the play button. Use the Solid Black arrow.

Convert the selection to a symbol (right click or Modify/Convert ot Symbol or f8). Select button and export for action script. Name the button btnPlay

FlashVol DrawPlayConvertToSymbol.png

FlashVol DrawPlayConvertToSymbolName.png

Name the instance. Go down to the properties section and name the instance of the button 'btnPlay'

FlashVol DrawPlayConvertToSymbolNameInstance.png

Click back on the first frame.

FlashVol ClickOnFrame1.png

Copy the following code to the script for frame 1

btnPlay.onRelease = function() {
    //Play the sound 1000 times

Save the file and press ctr+enter to test the movie you should now have a botton that start the sound.

Draw a stop button

use the steps above to convert it to a button

name the stop button btnStop

the followong code will stop the sound

btnStop.onRelease = function() {
    //Stop playing the sound