Final CD/ DVD Burning

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It is departmental policy all IAM students to turn is a CD or DVD for each IAM class containing all of their work from the semester. The IAM dept will issue each student two CD-Rs, or two DVD+/-Rs depending on the class. You are responsible to burn all course work onto both CDs/DVDs. One should be turned in to your teacher to be filed with the department. The other should be kept for your own personal archive.

Your teacher will not accept any final projects unless they are burned on a CD containing all of your work from that course.

Don't throw out your work if it doesn't fit on the CD/DVD. CD/DVDs are cheap your work is not. If you need more media please see Jeff in RM 609.

Don't change your projects. Please burn the versions of the project that you turned in to be graded.

Please label the disc you turn in with the course name the instructor's name and your name.

Please name files logically or develop a practical file structure for the disk.

For Example a good directory structure may look something like this.


Type of CD 700MB 80 Minute CD-R

CD Format

   * iso9660
   * Joliet

Type of DVD 4.7GB DVD-R or DVD+R

DVD Format

   *DVD-ROM(ISO) or DVD-Video (for Video projects to be viewed in set-top players)


I dont know how to burn a CD what should I do?

Either figure it out (there is a really good FAQ @ ) or ask a Lab Aide or Tutor for assistance.

The disc you provided me was bad (read as: 'I messed up') may I have another?

No. Well maybe

I dont have a CD burner where can I burn the disc?

Almost all of the computers in almost all of our labs have CD burners. Every machine in the open studios (RM 603 in 624 S. Michigan and RM 407 in 623 S. Wabash) have CD burners. External CD / DVD burners are available for check out in the equipment cave. Many of our DVD burners only burn +R discs. If you can only read -R discs at home please see a Student Worker to make sure you have a -R disc and find out which computers can burn -R discs.

What software is available to burn CDs?

On a Vista PC use Infra Recorder, XP PCs have Nero. The Macs have Toast Titanium. On the PCs you can burn DVDs straight from Adobe Premiere Pro.

I'm really lazy, could I just burn a copy of my network drive?

If your network drive is logically laid out with an easy to understand file structure then sure. If not then please make us a special disc with a logical file structure, you turd.

Can I burn form the network?

Do NOT attempt to burn files from a network share. The network bandwidth is not reliable and the burn will most likely fail. You should copy your files to a local hard disk ( c:\user\yourname ) before burning.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this in order it encourage students to keep and backup all of the work they produce in the IAM program. Its a healthy habit to have.

Why do I have to make two CDs?

One for you, one for us: Disc number one goes in to the department archives (your permanent record) for review by department faculty and may be used in the department portfolio with your permission. The second disc is for you to keep for your personal portfolios.

I have a bunch of non digital work what should I do with that?

Digitize it as best you can. Take a digital photo, video or scan all of your non digital projects. Equipment to do this is available for checkout in the Equipment Cave. High quality scanners are available in the open studios.

What if my course work is too big/small ?

CD-R hold up to 700 MB, DVDs hold up to 4.7GB. If your course work is larger than this more media may by attained at the discretion of the instructor. Most CD burning applications will have trouble burning a CD with less than a Meg or 2 of content. If your work is less than 2 Megs add other this to the CD to make it over 2 Megs.