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New Info and Faculty Check List

IAM Local Network

What is the Interactive Arts and Media Local Network? The Interactive Arts and Media Local Network is a group of servers and storage volumes for the use of the Interactive Arts and Media faculty, staff and students. The volumes each have a different use. Some uses include temporary and permanent storage, e-mail and Web service. Some volumes are available to only staff and faculty, while others are available to students.

There are several network shares available on IAM servers

Isilon Server shares

  • \\iam.local\isilon\Classfolders
A share that holds support files related IAM classes. The classfolders share is read only for students. These folders have a 'pub' folder that is shared on the iam.colum.edu website.

Each course has it's own folder in the root of classfolders. The following paths are examples for a 2017 fall course with instructor Super Cool.

\CourseName - files should not be placed in root unless otherwise approved by IAM tech staff
\CourseName\Assessment - This folder is for instructors use for submitting student work they would like to highlight
\CourseName\2017FA_scool - This is the instructor and semester specific folder. Students can write and modify files here. Be sure you are using the folder that correlates to your name and semester.
\CourseName\2017FA_scool\pub – corresponds to course specific websites hosted as http://iam.colum.edu/<courseName> Students have write and modify access here.
\CourseName\2017FA_scool\drop - this folder will only allow students to add new files. They cannot view, extract, or modify files in this folder. 
\CourseName\2017FA_scool\private - no student access. This is for instructor resources that shouldn't be viewable to students

Others shares on Isilon

  • \\iam.local\isilon\user
contains students home directories
  • \\iam.local\isilon\userNonIAM
contains students home directories
  • \\iam.local\isilon\user2
contains faculty/staff home directories

Other Server Shares

IAMLIBRARYV For Misc Resources

  • \\IAMLibaryv\Library\Soundz (Sound effects and loops)

FTP Access

Version Control Access

Visual SVN


GitHub Organization

SVN Clients