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Laser Cutter Policies

Sign Up

Students who have completed training and have signed our Laser Cutter User Agreement may sign up for 2 hours of laser cutter time per week. The laser sign up sheet is available i the IAM equipment room 123.

Once you have singed up you will be given two hours on the machine. Each day and IAM/IDA facuty/staff member will turn on and do the initial machine checks for you. Keep this in mind if you are the first person using the machine that day.

Lenses and Cleaning

Each department using the cutter will supply their own lenses. The lenses will be changes by IAM/IDA faculty/staff before you cut.


IAM Staff Faculty will train. We hope to have graduate students as guardian/facilitators. to be trained on the cutter you must have attended an Training Session(Time and Location TBD) or have taken and class that trains on the cutter.

Trianing manual http://iam.colum.edu/iamadmin/laser/laserCutter.pdf

User Agreement

Laser Cutter User Agreement Liability Form