Emergent Web Technologies Syllabus

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Emergent Web Technologies: Course Number

Department of Interactive Arts and Media

Course Info

Main Office Contact Number 312.344.7750

Main Office Address

Office ste. 600,
624 S. Michigan Ave (Torco Bldg.)

Instructors contact info:

Jeff Meyers


624 S. Michigan rm 609

Class Website:http://imamp.colum.edu/mediawiki/index.php

Office Hours:

Course Description

The Internet and the world wide wide include a perpetually evolving set of technologies and production practices that include design conventions, programming languages, handling media techniques. Students will build on previously developed skills by using them is new contexts focusing on a specific current emergent technology.

Course Prerequisites

Authoring Interactive Media strong knowledge of HTML/CSS,

Intro to Programming (we may use javascript, jscript, c#, php, python),

Digital Image Design (some image processing and design skill are a plus)

Course Objectives

  • Assess the needs of new technologies.
  • Learn how new techniques are replacing old standards
  • Be able to demonstrate a new web technology trends through assignments.


Required Texts


Assignments and Projects


Attendance and participation in class are required and expected. Three unexcused absences will result in a failing grade for the class.

Two late arrivals equal one absence. You are expected to be in class on time, attendance is taken at the beginning of class. Two absences (even excused absences) may result in a failing grade. Three absences and you FAIL- NO EXCEPTIONS. If an absence cannot be avoided, it must be discussed with your instructor ahead of time. Medical and other emergency leave of absences follow a different policy. Please contact your instructor if such a situation arises.

Departmental Archival Policy

On the final day of class you must submit all work and documentation (including proposals) on 3 DVDs. You will not pass the course without fulfilling this requirement. The DVD will not be returned – create a backup copy for your files.

Classroom Policies

No cheating. Cheaters will fail.

Class Website Policy

As part of this class you will be expected to create an maintain a class portfolio website. This website should showcase all of your in class and homework assignments. It is your responsibility to maintain links to all of these projects. These links will be used for grading the projects and a missing link will be considered the same as a missing assignment.

Grading Policy

Final grades are based upon:

  • Homework Assignments
  • Web Reviews of technologies
  • Projects


A MINIMUM grade of ‘C’ is required in order for this course to count toward your major in Interactive Arts and Media. If you do not complete the course with a ‘C’ or better, you will be required to re-enroll in the course until you reach this benchmark. Be advised that if this course is a prerequisite for other courses, that the failure to achieve a grade of ‘C’ or better WILL impede the progress of your studies.

Grading Guideline

 90-93 A-
       above average and outstanding work, no more than one absence, 
       active participation in class and excellent scores
       on exams and projects 
 87-89 B+
 84-86 B
 80-83 B-
       above average work, no more than two absences, and active 
       participation in class and above average scores on exams and projects
 77-79 C+
 74-76 C
 70-73 C-
       average work, no more than two absences, and/or average scores
       on exams and projects
 69-60 D
       below average work, no more than two absences, and/or below
       average scores on exams and projects
 59 and below F
       anything below and including 59% - failure to turn in assignments, three
       or more absences, and/or failing grades on exams and projects
       can lead to an F


Conaway Center Statement

Students with disabilities are requested to present their Columbia accommodation letters to their instructor at the beginning of the semester so that accommodations can be arranged in a timely manner by the College, the department or the faculty member, as appropriate. Students with disabilities who do not have accommodation letters should visit the office of Services for Students with Disabilities in room 520 of the Congress building (312.344.8134/V or 312.360.0767/TTY). It is incumbent upon the student to know their responsibilities in this regard.

Course Site is on Oasis and http://imamp.colum.edu/mediawiki/index.php/Emergent_Web_Technologies

This syllabus subject to change