Columbia College Handy Phone Numbers

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IAM Faculty Handbook

Contacts from CCC Online Directory

Human Resources

Derrick Streater, Administrative Assistant 312-344-7592

Dean of Students

Sharon Wilson-Taylor

Jeanne Boruta, Assistant to the Dean 312-344-7221

Building Service

Emergency Line 312-344-7210

Conaway Achievement Project

Project Tutors, Part Time Interpreters			312-344-8294
Services for Students with Disabilities		        312-344-8296
Sandra Saunders, Coordinator			        312-344-8134

Student Counseling Services


IT User Support

Oasis Help Line 312-344-7001


Digital & Media Services				312-344-7120
Library Circulation Desk				312-344-7152
Interlibrary Loan					312-344-7370
Visual Resources Coordinator				312-344-7427

Office of College Wide Events

Jennifer Friedrich, Coordinator 312-344-6642

New Student Programs & Orientation



619 S. Wabash, 1st Fl. 312-344-7160


Martha Meegan, Director of Campus Safety		312-344-7729

Security Officers
623 S. Wabash						312-344-7555
624 S. Michigan					        312-344-7666

Student Affairs

Mark Kelly, Vice President of Student Affairs		
Jill Summers, Assistant to VP Student Affairs		312-344-7928
623 S. Wabash, Rm. 300

Student Employment


Student Health Center


Xerox Document Center

619 S. Wabash, 1st Fl. 312-344-8678

Office of Transfer Evaluation

Susan Sindlinger, Director 312-344-7984

Part Time Faculty Office

33 E. Congress, 8th Fl. 312-344-7485

Payroll Office

600 S. Michigan, Rm. 402

Portfolio Center

Matt Green, Assistant Director 312-344-7281

Reception 312-344-7280