Buffalo External HD Tutorial

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What's in This Kit

Buffalo 320GB External HDD DriveHDD2 thumbnail.jpg Bag hdd.jpg Cord thumbnail.jpg
Buffalo HDD HDD Bag Power Supply/USB

Instructions: How To...

Step 1 Connect to the Computer

To begin, you will first connect the USB cord to the computer and the AC cord to the outlet, connecting the other ends to the external hard drive. There is also an "On and Off switch", on the back of the hard drive.

Once you are done using the drive, DO NOT disconnect the cords from the computer before actually ejecting the driver first. On the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see the driver's icon. Right-click and the option to eject the driver should appear; click on the option. A small white box will popup, giving you the green light to disconnect the drive from the computer. Failure to do this the right way, will cause the driver to corrupt, eventually leading to the lost of any work you have done.

Step 2 Access and Save

To access your hard drive and place any of your work into it, you will need to first search for it.

Go to your Start icon on the bottom left corner, click on Computer and you should see the drive called "Buff". Click it and drag and drop your file onto the hard drive. Simple as that. Or you can save your work from whatever program to the hard drive. Just go to File, click on Save-As, search for the drive called "Buff", click Save and your work will be stored within that drive.

Step 3 Format Drive

When you are finish using the external hard drive, it is best to delete all work you've done for the next person to use, and the best way to do this is to format the drive.

First you will go to Computer, click on the drive called "Buff", right-click on the drive and once you have done that, click Format. An option box will appear, DO NOT change anything, unless told otherwise and click OK. Once you have done that the formatting will begin and everything on the drive will be erased.

Full Manual

This tutorial guided you through the basic usage of the Buffalo External HD Tutorial. If you are interested in learning more, please refer to the owners manual.