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One direction IAM is taking is the closer integration of science and art. We’re looking at new technologies and thinking about ways to use them creatively in an artistic context.

We are creating a closer relationship with Math and Science

  • teaching artists about using the scientific method in their own practice
  • creating work using data as an input.

Patrick will talk about that more in a minute.

Some of our objectives are:

The SIAM Working Group (Science/Interactive Art&/[Media/Mathematics]) is an ad hoc group concerned with the creation of projects and curricula which integrate applied science and technological media arts in order to create greater technical knowledge and to develop advanced intuitive understanding in all areas of research.

Our goal is to make development and research methods, processes and media part of the academic environment.

Data as Source

Artists have been using data analysis and manipulation in the creation of work for some time.

Virtual Sculpture site - Sculpture made with data from beating heart of dog: Paul Higham [[1]]

Mathematics and sculpture [[2]]

  • Philippe Charbonneau
  • Michael Shaw

Motion Capture as medium

Virtual sculpture from motion capture data: [[3]]

Motion capture and theater: Virtual Vaudeville, David Z. Saltz, University of Georgia [[4]] [[5]]

Motion capture and dance: video based motion capture technology (Lisa Naugle, UC Irvine) [[6]]

Other types of data from the natural world

Sonification of atmospheric data: Andrea Polli, Hunter College [[7]]

Streaming – bench movie and composite image [[8]]

Proposal: Traces

The intention of this proposal is to take data that normally remains invisible except as it is expressed by a moving body, and make it visible, with the body as only an implication. These traces are intended as a metaphor for the effect our presence has had on the world.

The final form of the sculptures would be in some plastic or metallic medium shaped to the coordinate data in life scale and suspended in their original location and relative configuration. [[9]]

materials for creation: elwire [[10]]