Advanced 3D Techniques

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Advanced 3D Techniques 36-????-01 (new course) Co-requisite: Game Project

Course description

This course will address advanced issues in graphics and animation for games including: dynamics, rendering algorithms, nodes and pathfinding, steering, flocking and other crowd animation techniques, procedural textures, dynamic worlds, etc.

Course rationale

Advanced 3D techniques are constantly in the process of development and revision as hardware becomes faster and game engines more powerful. Students will be exposed to cutting edge techniques that round out their education in game art, providing information that builds upon and refines material learned in previous classes.

Goals and Objectives

Students will:

1. Master the use of particle systems to create a range of responsive effects.

2. Use flocking algorithms to create large scale, interactive character and object movement.

3. Master a range of rendering algorithms including cutting edge techniques (in games) such as ray tracing.

4. Create and control procedural textures.

5. Create and animate responsive, dynamic worlds.