Acrobat crashes - work around

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There has been an issue with .pdf files causing the application that tried to open it to crash. This has been observed with Acrobat 9.0, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. As of 10/7/08 13:07, a long-term solution has not been found. A work-around is in place to address the issue.

The first step is to download and install Foxit. (NOTE: if you are not a Lab Aide, please locate one to assist you.) The software can be downloaded for free here:

Once you have it installed, open up Firefox. Go to OPTIONS, then select the APPLICATIONS tab. Run a search for .PDF, or simple scroll down to "Adobe Acrobat Documents."

Under the "Actions" column, it should be listed as "Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)." Click on it to pull up a drop-down menu. Select "Use Other..."

From the list of applications, select Foxit.

Click OK, then restart Firefox.

PDF files should now be able to open within Firefox.

For PDF files not pulled from the web, open directly in Foxit.