AIM Class Quiz 01

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Authoring Interactive Media Quiz 1

Name: ________________________________________

This take-home quiz is due at the beginning of the next class. Late quizzes will not be accepted. Although this is a take home quiz, it is expected that you will complete this quiz on your own and will follow the department's academic integrity policy.


1. Why is XHTML now generally preferred over HTML? Don't just cite syntax differences or the fact that you can create your own tags. Give a more thoughtful answer.

2. What is meant by structure, and by presentation, and why is it important to separate the two?

3. Who originally created HTML, and what was the purpose for which it was created?

4. In the following line of markup, circle an attribute: <a href = “” target = “_blank”>IAM website</a>

5. What is the difference between an element that is block-level vs. one that is inline?

6. The hexadecimal code for white is #ffffff. Explain how hexadecimal color codes work, and why #ffffff is white.

7. Why should you use a DOCTYPE declaration at the beginning of your markup document? Describe at least two reasons.

8. Write markup to show an example of a parent and a child. Indicate the child and the parent, and briefly describe why your markup is a correct example.

9. When you use a URI with a trailing slash to pull up a web page, by default what will happen?

10.Define and give an example of absolute and relative URIs. Include information on when should you use absolute, and when should you use relative.




When to use:




When to use:

11. What do each of the following tags “mean” or represent?


<img />

12. In the previous question, which tags are “container” or “non-empty” tags, and why?