AIM Assignment 8: Reframing Content

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Assignment 8: Reframing Content


This assignment is meant to direct students' attention to how visual formatting (composition and color, particularly) is essential in visual communication, as students tend to focus upon content objects.

Directions: Take 2 objects (one graphic and one quotation), and reframe them 5 different ways over a 5-page website, each offering a different facet of the meaning of this combination. Students should be able to explain their thought process behind each of the five page designs, and for the structure of the website in general (linear or otherwise).

Writing assignment: One page or more. Students should talk about what the combination of the graphic+quotation means to them personally, and break down their strategy for approaching this combination in 5 different ways. Students should also mention their site structure (why they utilized either a linear or nonlinear structure).

Students should perhaps be encouraged to start the writing assignment first, just to materialize their ideas. Some students in the past have fallen into the trap of simply making aimless changes to the five pages without a real plan, and have trouble justifying these changes when presenting the assignment.

Assigned: AIM Class10
Due: AIM Class11

Course Objectives

This project supports the following course objectives:

  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate media into an interactive multimedia project.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying concepts behind, and be able to create, interactive projects using current production technologies.
  • Be able to develop goal-oriented media.
  • Produce finished piece for inclusion in student portfolio.